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Commercial Rodent Control Services for Rats & Mice
No matter what the size of a business is, maintaining safe, clean conditions is of the utmost importance in commercial buildings. Employees need a hygienic, clean environment to work in, and customers want to patronize businesses that are clearly well cared for. Unfortunately, rodent infestations can occur even in businesses that are well kept. When such problems arise, business owners are best served by calling an exterminator to handle the problem rather than trying to address the problem themselves. Read on to find out why.
Problems Caused by Rodents in Businesses
Rats and mice can cause problems in all types of structures, but they are especially a cause for concern when they get inside of commercial spaces. Problems associated with rodents include:
– Risk of disease. Rats and mice are often infested with parasites and germs that can spread typhus and other serious medical conditions. In healthcare settings and long-term care facilities where there are people with compromised immune systems, this is especially dangerous.
– Food Contamination. Rodents can defecate in food, spreading intestinal parasites and causing food poisoning. This makes them a major concern in school and hospital cafeterias, restaurants, bars and hotels.
– Property Damage. Rodents can chew through walls and wiring and ruin merchandise or raw materials for manufacturing. The damage can lead to secondary problems, including an increased risk of fire if wiring systems become damaged.
– Damage to Reputation. Customers, clients and patients who see a rodent or notice rodent droppings are unlikely to return to a business. They may even leave a damaging online review that tells the community about the presence of rodents.
– Fines and Fees. Allowing rodents to remain in a commercial business violates many health codes and can lead to businesses being fined, subject to fees and even closed down. When these actions are taken against a company, the information is usually released to the public, further damaging a business’ reputation.
Why Choose Professional Commercial Pest Removal Services
While there are DIY rodent control solutions available on the market, business owners are encouraged to hire an exterminator when they notice signs of a rat or mouse infestation. Pest control professionals know how to safely eliminate rodents without exposing employees and customers to dangerous chemicals. A professional will also ensure that the infestation is completely eliminated as quickly as possible and can help determine how the rodents entered the building, so that repairs and improvements can be made to lower the risk of repeat infestations. What’s more, professional pest control companies can also perform routine inspections and follow-up treatments to keep rodents away.
Business owners in the Seattle area who are concerned about mice and other rodents can call AM/PM Exterminators for assistance. An experienced, fully licensed pest control company, AM/PM Exterminators is available to provide commercial rodent control services for food service businesses, hospitality businesses, food and beverage processing facilities, government buildings, health care facilities, rental properties, office buildings, industrial buildings, retail stores, schools and all other commercial properties. Call PHONE NUMBER today for more information about commercial rodent control services from AM/PM Exterminators.

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