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Rats can climb pretty much any surface. They can get wherever they want to go. They can squeeze through amazingly small holes and gaps. They can get in through the sewer pipes or any possible gap or hole in a home, from the foundation to the tip of the roof. They can also chew. If a rat detects just a small breeze coming from inside, they’ll get in.

Squirrels, mice, racoons ,rats and other furry creatures may be cute when you see them running around outside, but they’re not so charming when they’re in your home! Rodents can cause damage to property beginning with attics and crawlspace which are very important to the functionality of a building or home, create unsanitary living conditions and even carry diseases that can make you and your family sick. Clearly, furry intruders are a problem, but there are ways to deal with them humanely.

Do You Have Furry House Guests?

The first step to getting help with a wildlife problem is knowing that you have one! Of course, seeing something scurrying is a dead giveaway, but animals can be live inside of walls, crawlspaces and attics without being noticed. Sounds of scratching or movement are common signs of infestations. You may also find that food or boxes have been gnawed or that there are holes in your insulation or walls. Droppings are another surefire sign that you have pests. Mice tend to leave very small 1/8-inch droppings, while rats leave slightly larger, greasier waste that is about 1/4 inch to 5/8 in size. Squirrels have the largest droppings at around 1/2 inch to 1 inch. They may also leave behind nut shells or casings.

How Animals Get In

Animals can find many ways into your home. They come in through gaps around utility lines, drain pipes and holes in windowsills and foundations. Squirrels can often enter through roof overhangs and dormers, and mice and rats are fond of entering through basements and garages. You may not be able to find the place where your pests got in on your own, which is part of the reason why a professional wildlife control service is usually needed to successfully deal with rodents.

What to Do About Pests

As already mentioned, the best way to deal with rodents and other furry pests is to call a professional wildlife control service. A professional will use traps to catch wildlife, and whenever possible, will humanely capture the animals alive and relocate them to forested areas. In addition, professionalexterminators expert will be able to determine how the animals got inside, so that you can make the necessary repairs and prevent the problem from happening again.

The Cost of Wildlife Control

The cost of removing rodents from a home varies, but typically it costs between $300 and $500. Normally, there is a fee of $75 to $125 for an initial inspection to determine what animals are present, where they are located and how they got in. Then, there is normally a fee to set the traps and a fee for each time that the pest control agent returns to remove an animal.

If you have a rodent problem or believe there is a bigger animal in your home, Ampm exterminators can assist you. We offer competitive rates on wildlife control and will find the method of entry that the pests used to invade your home. Contact us today for more information and a quote.

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