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Mice and rats are just two of the many pests the seattle king county commercial extermination team at Rid A Pest deals with on a daily basis. Because rodents can cause serious damage to your building’s infrastructure and reputation it’s important to call a professional exterminator as soon as you suspect a problem.

We’ve still got a month of Winter around the Pacific Northwest. Cool temperatures make the rats and mice desperate and scrambling to find a place to live. But never ever discount all types of weather. Rats need a place to call home all year round. A favorite place is in a food warehouse. In this case a Seattle food warehouse was the target for a Rat Pack invasion. Obvious reasons being finding shelter and food availability to the nasty creatures.The financial burden of a rodent infestation can be enormous. Therefore do it yourself methods and over the counter products was not believed to be productive or cost effective. The warehouse manager needed to contact a Pest Control expert as the next step to get rid of the rats.

Rats mice control Preventative measures for food warehouse employees:

Food Warehouse employees should be trained to thoroughly check all shipments received. This initial check would be done as soon as the truck arrives. All receiving staff need to look for rodents on board. This is the most opportune time to cancel the infested shipment. By reporting and refusing the tainted shipment will prevent a rat infestation and financial loss. This food warehouse located in South Seattle, luckily, had trained employees to check all produce arriving to the business. The manager was notified of rats being located on the delivery truck. A thorough investigation was completed on the truck, building and perimeter. A Commercial Rodent Pest Control was needed to get rid of the rat infestation.

A Pest Exterminators advice to follow when dealing with rats and mice:

The checking of shipments immediately may be the normal work flow but mistakes can cause financial loss. To be a successful, pest-free business it is an important step to enforce the daily inspection of incoming goods. Simply because a huge amount of time, stress, and more importantly money would be saved by allowing an extra few minutes to look for mice or rats in the trucks. A seasoned Commercial Pest Control technician will share this advice when providing the service because this is a starting point for rat

Professional mice control service Cracks, holes and crevices need to be sealed:

Top priority is to check the perimeter of the warehouse. When locating the holes, cracks and crevices the experienced rat control technician will seal all entry points. A mrat can squeeze through openings the size of a quarter. This is one of the most important steps of Rat Infestation Prevention. This should be a routine part of the job, especially before cold weather comes. Keep in mind this is the time when the Rat Packs are diligently looking for a home. Food Storage: Check inventory of all food storage areas for any signs of rat and mice infestation. It would be wise to store foods in different sections and bins with heavy covers. By locating one area that is infested then action can be taken to try to save the rest of the inventory. Daily checks of all food storage areas: Food storage bins need to be rotated by moving items around to reduce the possibility of a mice or rat problem.

This step will also give opportunity for employees to check behind and around the bins for live or dead rodents. Obviously all goods should be safeguarded by packing in appropriate type storage containers. Inspect the perimeter of the building Rotate Your Product: If product sits for an extended period of time is an invitation for the rats to make a home. Lessen the chance for rats to invade by moving product regularly within the warehouse. Regular inspection of the perimeter of the warehouse is crucial in locating entry points. Exterior bait stations will lessen the likelihood of rodents getting inside. Keep a designated amount of space between stacks of product and the walls to allow for inspections. The area should be wide enough to enable the service technician to inspect behind and between stacks.

Need Commercial Rodent Pest Control for Storage & Warehousing Facilities  with a Rat Infestation:

Overwhelmed and frustrated and feel like this rodent problem is unmanageable and just too much then get on the phone and call AMPM Exterminators, a professional and experienced commercial pest control service. The technician will educate all staff involved on protocol to follow to get the rat infestation taken care of. Educate the facility’s employees to pay attention to detail when it comes to shipments. Which will greatly and effectively lessen your chances of a rodent infestation this winter.

A great motto is: Invest the time, and you’ll save money.

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Getting of of pests in commercial business and homes
It is much easier, faster and cheaper to get rid of any pest by catching it before it has had time to reproduce. Unfortunately, by the time you’ve seen the first one, it’s usually too late for that.
Once any insect has had time to lay its eggs, form colonies, and grow, it will have become a serious problem. Some people accept that insects will be seen from time to time and don’t take any steps at the first sight. They don’t call an exterminator until after it has become a serious problem. This is the most expensive way to handle it and gives the pests more than enough time to do serious damage.

How many pests do you have? Probably more than you realize. Here are the reproduction rates of two of the most common pests you will encounter, mice and roaches:
Mice – A single female produces 5 to 10 litters per year. These litters consist of 5 to 6 young which are able to reproduce after a mere 30 days.

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