Attic Crawlspace Rodent damage among other things

Attic Rodent Damage leads to Diseasespest control pictures 009

Why Attic Crawlspace recommends a cleanup and restore

contaminated insulation in your floor joists?

Higher heating and cooling costs?

Rodent and insect infestations?

Increased allergic reactions?

Damp and musty odors?

High levels of humidity?

Mold and mildew?

When rodents & wildlife infest a attic or crawlspace, they nest in the insulation that is tucked between the floor joists under the floor. As a result of this the attic or crawlspace insulation becomes damaged from their droppings, urine, and tunneling. The soiled insulation becomes compressed and shredded losing its ability to hold heat. Damaged insulation also falls to the ground leaving your floor exposed to cold air.
Damaged insulation in your crawlspace and attic, Rats and mice leave disease pathogens in these areas. This is why it is imperative to first remove the infected insulation and debris and secondly sanitize and disinfect the area. The airborne dust from dried droppings can be a factor in many respiratory diseases, including hantavirus.

Attic crawlspace are in the business of turning your old musty contaminated crawl space into a clean, beautiful and healthy environment. We can solve all your crawl space needs.
If your home has a neglected crawl space then don’t feel alone. We understand and more importantly we know how to fix your crawl space problems. Whether your crawl has been infested with rodents, has old ineffective insulation, suffers from water and drainage problems or just has an old musty smell that has made its way inside your home we have the solutions.



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