Attic Crawlspace Seattle Rodent control services

Pest can create great damage in many ways in your attic. Chewed wires, contaminated droppings, insulation damage are all ways pest will create damage in your attic. Because the home owner hears scratching or running through the attic.  Bats, mice, squirrels , and raccoons  may all be considered attic pest.

Attic entry point for Rodent and birdsAttic damage from birds and batsRodent Control and Rodent Droppings CleanupRodent mice rats dropping in an attic insulation

Birds, Bats, Squirrels, Raccoons, Mice and Rats in the Attic   Mice are nocturnal rodents that live in fields, wood piles, and a lot of the time in your attic. Mice control is another one of our specialties.  When you hear running, noises in the wall, or clawing at the drywall you may be hearing mice in the attic.

If you have a problem with attic pest control and need our services for squirrel removal, raccoon removal, rat removal, mice removal or bat removal  425 440 0966

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